Copyright 2014 by luvGems

We've done out best to write this document in plain english. If it sounds like gobbledygook then please go show this to your parents or guardian. We'll wait.

Terms of Service

By using the #luvGems application and services, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. You must have permission from your parents or guardian. If you don't have such permission, please go and ask. If you don't need such permission, it's because you are legally of age in your country, and can legally agree to these conditions on your own.
  2. You must have an account with Instagram. (You'll likely need to ask for permission for this too.)
  3. You promise that you won't act like a bully: you won't be mean to other users by posting nasty pictures or nasty comments.

    We don't like bullies and bullies are not welcome on #luvGems.

  4. You promise you won't abuse the #luvGems service, such as attempting to hack, crack, or otherwise compromise the #luvGems service.
  5. You allow us to show your content (photos, videos, and text) to other people. We may also feature your content on our website and other venues.
  6. We show content provided by others, and you may find some of the content to be objectionable. You agree that #luvGems bears no responsibility for that content and promise to look away.

If you disagree with these conditions, then you cannot use the #luvGems app or services.

We may terminate your account if we catch you violating these conditions.

We Promise
  1. We promise we won't misuse your accounts, such as to make spammy postings to your friends.
  2. We promise to do our best to keep our services up and running. But bad things sometimes happen, especially at 3 o'clock in the morning when you should be asleep.